Benefits Of Incorporating Town of Watson Louisiana, Petition drive to incorporate Watson halfway to its goal


WATSON — A group petitioning to incorporate the Livingston Parish community of Watson has gathered about half the signatures needed to put the issue …


Baton Rouge Real Estate News‘s insight:

Why Incorporate Watson?  I believe this incorporation action was sparked when an investor group tried to build a housing project in Watson about 2 years ago, a project the Town of Watson residents were opposed to.
From The Advocate Newspaper: “The biggest benefit of incorporation, and the goal of the initiative, is to give the people of Watson a voice in decisions affecting their community, particularly regarding future growth, said Bill Johnson, another Neighbors In Action member and petition organizer.

From opposing the Baton Rouge Loop to supporting the extension of Hooper Road across the Amite River into Livingston Parish, Watson residents could have a greater impact if they formed a city with its own governing body to speak for them, Johnson said.

“There are a lot of things that could be considered and dealt with, but we need to be incorporated to do them,” he said. “So we started looking at what it takes to get incorporated.”

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Source Photo: The Advocate Newspaper

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