Ascension schools show strong growth, Commentary on Livingston Schools

Ascension Home Appraiser Commentary:

This is fantastic news for the local housing market (Builders, Real Estate Agents, Job Market) and shows why Ascension Parish is one of the fastest growing Parishes in Louisiana. The fact that Ascension Parish Government has and is spending $100 Million to improve schools exudes much confidence in the Parish, much more so than in Livingston Parish where the Parish is equally growing but fiscal woes hamper public schools and the Parish in general. I think there’s a stronger desire to want to live in Ascension than in Livingston because the average home price n Ascension is $203,000+/- and only $150,000+/- in Livingston. There’s a greater tax base for the Parish to draw on on Ascension.

GONZALES — As school officials across the state wondered how many students the voucher system would siphon away from public school classrooms, the Ascension Parish school system continued to show significant growth.

Last week, the parish’s school system welcomed 19,587 students onto 28 campuses across the parish, a first-day increase of 636 students from last year. That’s a growth of 3.2 percent, but also nearly the equivalent of an average middle school in the parish.”

Source and Image Source: The Advocate, Bret H. McCormick

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