Livingston Parish Taxable Property Values Up in 2012

LIVINGSTON, La. (AP) — The value of taxable property in Livingston Parish has risen almost 23 percent since 2008, which was the last reassessment year.

Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor tells The Advocate ( ) most homes and businesses that existed three years ago haven’t had their assessments changed during that period, but the biggest part of the increase was the addition of new homes and businesses. He says those have been added to the tax rolls each year.

Because of the yearly additions of new buildings, the taxable value of property in the parish only rose about 3.75 percent this year, when compared with last year, officials with the Assessor’s Office said.

How much tax each home or business owner will owe won’t be determined until the more than 40 governmental agencies that have property taxes in the parish adjust their millages during public meetings over the next few months.

People concerned about how much property tax they pay should attend those meetings, the assessor said….

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Source: AP Breaking News & The Advocate.

APPRAISER COMMENTARY: After working with Livingston Parish Assessor, Jeff Taylor, on Tax Assessment Appeals in 2011 and 2012, I know his office to be highly thorough in their valuation process through 3 separate verification sources and very fair within the process.  

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