If you want a Baton Rouge FHA loan, you’ll have to do these 5 things

This is from Birmingham AL Appraiser Tom Horn’s Blog below and helpful advice for locals in Baton Rouge seeking FHA financing for a home loan.  

Tom says, “If you’re getting an FHA loan and want to make sure the appraisal goes off without a hitch make sure you pay attention to these 5 items. If you don’t then it could delay the loan and your closing. The appraiser has to make note of the items listed below, and if he/she cannot then a second trip may be necessary:….

1) Provide access to attic- The appraiser has to make a “head and shoulder” inspection of the attic, meaning that they need to at least enter the attic to the level of their should to see if everything looks good. We’re looking to see if there are any holes or other damage that could effect the structural integrity of the house.”  

Read the 4 remaining tips at the link below: http://birminghamappraisalblog.com/appraisal/if-you-want-an-fha-loan-youll-have-to-do-these-5-things/

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