Denham Springs Certified Home Appraisers: Livingston Parish President Opposes Baton Rouge Loop

FacesMikeGrimmer t180 – Livingston Parish President Opposes Baton Rouge Loop!

WAFB News is report that Livingston Parish President, Mike Grimmer, Opposes the proposed Baton Rouge Loop. The article is located here, and here’s a snippet:

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Livingston Parish President Mike Grimmer joined a growing list of parish leaders opposing the proposed Baton Rouge Loop.

Grimmer told a crowd earlier this week the dynamics of the loop have changed and he will not vote in favor of it again.

Five parishes have been involved in a study of the proposed loop. Three are now against it, including Livingston, Ascension and Iberville parishes. Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden still supports the plan.

“Without a doubt we are going to continue to push forward,” said Holden. “I think you’ll see more legislators who are from Baton Rouge saying this is the way to go and we are going to keep fighting because this project is right.”

West Baton Rouge Parish is also still supporting the project.

More than $6 million has been spent looking into the project so far.

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